What kind of things can I develop with Operation AIVA Talent IP? TL;DR – making free stuff for the community in a not offensive way? Awesome, go ahead. Making stuff for profit or in a way that’s insulting or mean? Yeah that’s not gonna fly.

Good question. As you follow all of the rules described in this policy (the “Rules”), Operation AIVA (“We”) will not chase after you with a stick. In fact, We will even grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, revocable, limited license for you to use, display and create derivative works based upon any of the IP, as long as it is STRICTLY for non-commercial (except as specifically provided below) community use. We reserve the right to deny anyone the use of IP at any time, for any reason, petty or not, or even no reason, including when We decide, in our sole and absolute discretion, that you are using our IP in a way that doesn’t jive. If we deny you the right to use our IP, you must stop developing, publishing, or distributing your Project immediately.

No Commercial Projects TL;DR – If you’re gonna make something, don’t paywall it, charge people for it, or try to generate any kind of revenue using the IP, UNLESS that revenue is from promoting the Project in videos, streaming, etc. OR if you talked to us and got a license agreement first.

You may not create mass produced commercial projects (fanmade items such as etsy, fanart prints at conventions, and other small run items are fine), or projects that crowdsources any portion of its funding, Projects that involves a business or legal entity, or Projects where you gate the content with a paywall (e.g., Patreon, YouTube Premium, OnlyFans, etc.) without a written license agreement from us. But like any good rule, there is an exception! We’ll allow individuals to promote their Projects on websites, streams, or videos and passively generate revenue through appropriate advertisements, including pre-roll ads, ad breaks, and sponsor ad overlays. No inappropriate ads, and We are the ones who decide what is inappropriate. However, pre-existing assets such as stream footage used in an non transformative way is not eligible for pre, mid and post roll ads on Youtube as well as other revenue generating sources (IE you can’t just post clip compilations and monetize them, however a streamer review, a original song about a vtuber featuring some images of her in the music video, or a weird conspiracy video about a stream is 100% fine).

Does my Project have to include original content? TL;DR – just streaming your face on top of other content isn’t enough. You gotta add something original and creative to anything you’re using the IP in.

Be original. That’s what people want to see. It’s no fun if you just copy existing stuff and try to pass it off as your own. Add some of yourself into it. Just adding some light commentary to existing content (like adding subtitles or rewatching vods while adding very little commentary), isn’t going to cut it. Please try to make an original contribution to the community. Trust me, if you put the work into making something original, people will love it. We reserve the right to use services that identify our content automatically to prevent cannibalization of existing content.

Can I use Operation AIVA’s logos or trademarks? TL;DR – We don’t want people to get confused about any official connection between Operation AIVA and your Project. We just want to make sure people know what’s an official Operation AIVA project and what isn’t.

You may not use any of Operation AIVA’s logos or trademarks anywhere in your Project or on any website, advertising material, video, or other publication, unless you have a written agreement with us. You may not register domain names, social media accounts, or similar stuff that uses any of Operation AIVA’s trademarks, trade names, character names, etc. You may not use our trademarks or names related to our IP as keywords or internet search tags. You also may not use any assets, including but not limited to, music, videos, images created and distributed by Operation AIVA or talents official distribution methods, as this will be unauthorized use of our intellectual property, and products and services using copyrighted material created by Operation AIVA and its partners will be considered counterfeit (we don’t want fans to confuse our official artwork and assets as the real thing).

Is NSFW content ok? You are allowed to create and publish your own content including NSFW, as long as it is non-commercial and has an original element to it as described in above.

However, please keep NSFW content from being seen by those who do not wish to see it. Make sure your profiles clearly indicate that you post NSFW content before sharing. If you do post it on Social Media, this is especially important to us. Please follow the guidelines of the platforms you share on.

Can I share my Project with the community? TL;DR – Go for it, just make sure people know it’s a fan project, not an official one.

If you share your Project with others, please conspicuously include the following notice (e.g., on your Project’s website, or youtube, or whatever): [The title of your Project] was created under Operation AIVA’s “Legal Stuff. Who can make stuff? Can I make stuff? Let’s find out” policy using Operation AIVA assets. Operation AIVA does not endorse or sponsor this project.

Can Operation AIVA use my Project? TL;DR – Yes, you made something cool and we want to show it off, or build on it.

All the members of Operation AIVA love it when the community creates stuff for them. It’s really amazing to see how creative and talented so many of you are. Because of that, they often like to spotlight fan Projects. If We want to use your project in something official, we’ll contact the creator of the fan project.